PreCare Program

Introducing a Timely Solutions to Compactor and Baler Maintenance

Even with the highest quality equipment, long-term performance requires a consistent preventative maintenance program to extend useful life. That’s why GK Industrial Refuse Systems offers a unique maintenance program called the PreCare Program.
GK Industrial Refuse Systems’ PreCare Program will extend the life expectancy of your Compactor and/or Baler simply by maintaining the equipment at peak operation performance levels and recognizing potential problems before they occur.
The PreCare Program will also allow you to project future solid waste expenses by reducing unexpected repair expenditures and increasing budget stability.
Control costs before they get out of hand with PreCare.
Coverage Provided Under Agreement

GK will provide a qualified technician to inspect your waste compaction system for proper operation—inspections will include the following (Please allow 1 hour per machine):

After the PreCare Service has been performed, report of the overall condition of the machine(s) and any recommended repairs will be generated and email with a copy of the inspection checklist. The hardcopy of the report will also be mailed with the invoice.