Building Garbage Compactors

As we all know, trash is a fact of life. All commercial and industrial enterprises — apartment buildings, condo complexes, retail stores, supermarkets, warehouses, and so forth — require safe, effective, and affordable methods of garbage removal. After all, it’s amazing how fast trash can pile up.

Fortunately, building garbage compactors are readily available. They’re among the most efficient means of trash disposal in existence. Let’s take a look at how these machines work and what one could do for your business.

Large commercial compactor

Using a Building Garbage Compactor

Basically, a building garbage compactor looks like a dumpster that’s made out of metal. And, as its name suggests, a garbage compactor makes garbage denser and smaller — approximately 10% of its original size, in fact.

Once your trash compactor’s bin is half full, you can close it and initiate the compacting process. All you have to do here is press a button. A hydraulic pump will then activate the compactor’s metal ram. That ram, in turn, will squash the trash into a cube and move that cube to the bottom of the machine.

Once your waste disposal professionals arrive, they can simply grab the cube from the lower container and whisk it away.

Building garbage compactors can easily handle most kinds of trash. Certain items, though, should stay out of these machines. They include fireworks and other explosives, aerosol cans, and toxic chemicals in general.

Generally speaking, if you have something to throw out that’s especially smelly or messy, you might avoid putting it in your compactor just to be on the safe side.

In sum, building garbage compactors are versatile yet simple to use. Just as helpful, these machines require relatively little maintenance over the long haul.

Despite the simplicity, if you’ve never operated one of these machines before, it’s wise to have a pro show you how. That way, you’ll know how to recognize the signs of a malfunction, how to use the emergency stop, how to move certain pieces of trash around as necessary, and other safety practices.

Likewise, if you have employees who’ll be operating your compactor, it’s a good idea to gather them one day for a training session. At that time, you could review all the safety rules. It’s vital, for example, that the door stay closed for as long as the machine is running.

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What an Industrial Garbage Compactor Could Do for You

Once you have an industrial garbage compactor installed, it should start providing you with benefits right away. Those perks include all of the following:

1. Keeping Pests Away

Because your trash will be securely enclosed, rodents, insects, and other creatures won’t be able to access it. Obviously, a pest-free environment is a more sanitary environment.

Indeed, if furry animals like squirrels or raccoons can get into your trash, they can leave garbage strewn all over the sidewalk. And some of these animals can bite or scratch people, especially if they’re diseased or if they feel threatened.

2. Less Labor, Lower Costs

Since all of your trash will be compact, it’ll be much easier for people to haul it away. With less labor required, your trash disposal costs should decrease.

Moreover, you won’t need to buy trash bags any more. While the cost of those bags might seem negligible, it can really add up over time. Plus, you and your employees won’t have to keep looking at your trash cans to see if they need new bags.

Also, the maintenance is fairly low on commercial compactors.

If you do need industrial compactor repair service, GK IRS is here to help. You can reach out to us for service information here.

3. Helping the Environment

If you care about the planet, know that a building garbage compactor is an especially eco-friendly option.

For one thing, compact trash takes up much less landfill space.

On top of that, compactors encourage recycling. If your property contains recycling bins, you could simply throw those materials into the compactor. Then you or someone else could just take the remaining cube to the nearest recycling center.

In some cases, consumers and apartment dwellers seek out properties that are environmentally sound. Good environmental practices can help you garner special government incentives as well, including a number of tax benefits.

4. Preventing Injuries and Following the Law

Unfortunately, trash can sometimes lead to injuries. For instance, people who carry garbage away can hurt themselves if they accidentally touch needles or other sharp objects. And passers-by can slip and fall on pieces of trash or waste liquids that have spilled onto the ground. Naturally, such accidents and injuries can lead to lawsuits.

To protect workers and pedestrians, various laws regulate trash disposal. And such laws are often strict and highly specific. However, by using a building garbage compactor, you’ll take a big step toward full compliance with those rules.

5. Boosting Curb Appeal

Finally, with a building trash compactor, you’ll no longer have unsightly trash bags and dumpsters on display outside. And that nasty, lingering garbage odor will also be a thing of the past. Thus, after you’ve been using a compactor for a little while, your property should be more appealing to the nose and the eyes.

Accordingly, when people share photos of your business’s exterior on social media, those pictures will be even more impressive. As a result of all this, you should enjoy a better overall reputation in your local area.

In short, with a dependable and durable building garbage compactor, you shouldn’t have to worry about your trash disposal needs ever again.